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As a voice teacher, I believe in fostering both the love of music and healthy vocal production in every style of singing. I was lucky to have great teachers as young as age seven who taught me the basics, but gave me age-appropriate material to learn, which is why I'm still singing today. In my studio, I aim to mentor my students the way my teachers have mentored me.


Although I sing opera, I understand that not every student wants to be classically trained, but no matter the style, every student can be taught how to sing in a healthy manner. My approach to singing aims to make it fun while still focusing on the basics of vocal technique.


In addition to singing, I have 9 years of experience playing flute/piccolo and 8 years of playing piano. My main focus is  teaching beginner through advanced voice students, but I also teach beginner lessons in both flute and piano.

If you have any questions about my private studio or would like to schedule a lesson, please feel free to call me, email me or fill out this form.



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